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Tales and trails

Tales and Trails: Asia

Tales and Trails: Asia is the second module in the curriculum, which will take you and your learner on an action packed tour of the world. Through the captivating folktales found in A Bedtime Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, young learners will not only be immersed in the cultures and geography of each tale’s country, but will also be excited to cover:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • science
  • nature
  • creative arts including handwork
  • foreign language
  • physical activities
  • composer and artist studies
  • music
  • mindfulness
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This 16 week cross-curricular module is packed with engaging, creative and hands-on activities. We also provide a booklist and poetry suggestions. The only essential book for the whole curriculum is A Bedtime Full of Stories.

Tales and Trails is aimed at learners between 5 and 8 years old, and can be used in its entirety or for selected subjects; it is also perfect for family, multi-age learning. Our philosophy is to provide plenty of practical opportunities that will lead to rich discussions and deep learning. Subjects are woven together to promote interdisciplinary learning and allow connections to be made. We also consider this curriculum to be rigorous, in terms of the way we have carefully planned for systematic and logical progression in each curriculum area throughout the module.

Tales and Trails: Asia follows on from the first module, Tales and Trails: Europe.

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In each of the eight units (each scheduled for two weeks), you will cover:

  • 2 creative narration activities (one for reviewing, and one for recording the story)
  • 8 phonics/spelling, reading, writing and grammar lessons
  • 2 readers at different levels
  • 2 copywork pages at different levels
  • 1 writing prompt to be completed in partnership with the educator
  • discussion questions
  • suggested poems for poetry teatime
  • suggested books for extending learning
  • 8 lessons sequentially building skills in
  • Numeration (building confidence with quantities 1 – 100; identifying even and odd numbers; skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s)
  • Operations (using whole-part circles and ten frames to solve simple equations; building fluency with number bonds up to 20)
  • Fractions (working with halves and quarters/fourths)
  • Measurement (exploring length, weight and capacity)
  • Time (years, months, days of the week, hours; telling time to the hour and half-hour)
Science: the living world
  • 1 (or more) big question with a fun – and simple to prepare – experiment or activity
  • several ideas to prompt exploration of the concept
  • a set of discussion questions to build understanding
  • How to use nature journaling to become intimately acquainted with your local wildlife
  • The characteristics of the five classes of vertebrate animals, and begin to study invertebrates
  • Building a factfile of the country
  • A wide range of activities to explore the culture, history and geography of the country
  • At least one recipe from the country
  • Colouring pages, crafts and games related to the country
  • 8 phrases in the country’s language
Foreign language
  • 10 phrases in French (with audio)
  • 10 phrases in Spanish (with audio)
Creative arts
  • modelling prompt
  • form drawing activity
  • wet – on -wet watercolour activity
  • handcraft activity
  • 2 creative projects for story narration (as mentioned in literacy)
Composer and artist study
  • 1 painting by the module’s artist-in-focus to study, with discussion questions
  • 1 composition by the module’s composer-in-focus to study, with discussion questions
  • 2 physical activities such as yoga, dance, aerobic activities, co-ordination activities
  • an activity linked to being present, building empathy, or managing emotions

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